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Full-service, In-house Dental Lab | Island Dental Associates | Franklin Square NY

Full-service, In-house Dental Lab

Island Dental Associates and Occlusions Dental Lab have joined together to provide our patients with their own full-service and all-inclusive in-house dental lab. This collaboration allows us to bring all of our dental lab services to our patients with same day denture services, including denture repairs, relines as well as porcelain crowns, partials and any […]


For people in New York looking into their tooth replacement options, there are several different choices that can result in great outcomes and natural, comfortable smiles. Dental technologies have advanced considerably over the years, and our team can work with you to choose the right form of denture to help you restore the function and […]

Digital Dentures Make Fittings Faster

It used to be that if a dentist wanted a good, three-dimensional look at your teeth, you’d have to have two big metal arches filled up with a kind of plaster covering your teeth, you’d wait around five minutes, and then the dentist would cast a mold using the plaster. This system works well enough, […]

3 Signs Your Dentures Need Repair

Dentures are designed to take a lot of punishment. After all, they have to replace your teeth, the hardest things in the human body, and the reason they’re so tough is that they need to chew every kind of food down into something you can swallow and digest. Even your natural teeth wear down over […]

This And That About ValPlast Dentures

Accidents, injuries, and periodontal disease are common culprits behind missing, broken teeth. Luckily, people don’t have to accept the fate and live with the issues. After all, one or more missing teeth can leave a person feeling self-conscious about their appearance, make it difficult for them to eat, and cause physical ailments too. For instance, […]

The Future of Dental Technology

Technology has come a long way since the old days regarding dental procedures and conserving and maintaining our oral health. Dental implant technology, same day dentures, and other surgical or non-surgical procedures are constantly evolving with the changing technology and allow patients to receive improved care with more benefits.

Are Same Day Dentures in Your Future?

Are you in need of a quick solution for your missing teeth because you are finding it hard to eat and talk? Same day dentures may be the ideal solution to this problem and can quickly help alleviate any problems that missing teeth may pose for you.

There Has Never Been A Better Time To Get Your Dentures Repaired Than Now

Continually wearing loose dentures is just asking for trouble. When the device fits nice and snug, it almost feels as if natural teeth are still in the mouth. However, many things can attribute to the apparatus not sitting correctly. For instance, after a tooth becomes extracted and the root gets removed from the socket, nothing […]

Wearing Loose Dentures Can Cause Loads Of Problems

First-time denture wearers often find the prosthetic devices to be somewhat uncomfortable. The feeling usually subsides after the patient wears the teeth for a short period though, and the person can eat what they want, talk without the device slipping, and smile with self-confidence. However, eventually, the dentures will need to be replaced. After the […]