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Bad Breath

What are the Causes and Treatments of Bad Breath? Did you ever wonder why there are so many mouthwashes, mints, gum, and other products out there to fight bad breath? That’s because bad breath can be embarrassing and over the counter products are just a temporary fix. Depending on the source or the cause of […]

You Have Options For Sedation During Oral Surgery

Surgery of any kind is traumatic and painful. That’s why physicians and dentists alike try to find other ways to deal with a problem before turning to a surgical solution. However, there are times when surgery is necessary, like when your wisdom teeth need to come out. Fortunately, there are several options available for patients […]

Anesthesia Doesn’t Have To Mean Needles

For more intensive work that needs to be done on a mouth, a dentist or periodontist in Long Island may advise a patient that some pain and discomfort will be unavoidable for the procedure. In such cases, the most common solution to this is to apply anesthesia to the patient so as not to experience […]

Different Kinds Of Oral Surgery

Everyone has tooth pain from time to time. That’s normal. However, if you don’t get your teeth checked on regularly, then you might not realize that pain is a symptom of something far worse. When things linger too long and cause major problems, oral surgery is often the answer. There are a number of different […]