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IV Sedation

Island Dental Associates offers IV Sedation. Get most of your treatment done within one visit in a relaxed and comfortable environment. There is no longer a reason to fear the dentist and there is no reason to put off dental work any longer.

Island Dental Associates is partnered with General Anesthesia Services (GAS), a team of board-certified anesthesia specialists. We are working together to bring you the easiest and safest dental experience possible, all for your comfort and your convenience. GAS comes with you to your appointment at Island Dental Associates to ensure a positive, safe and pain-free experience.

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Utilize Sedation Dentistry for all procedures including Implants, Extractions, and other cosmetic procedures.

Your Part: Be honest. The best way for your anesthesiologist to keep you safe is to have all the facts including but not limited to:

  • Current Medications
  • Medical History
  • Your Height and Weight
  • Past experiences with anesthesia for surgery or diagnostic procedures
  • Your average use of alcohol and, cigarettes, controlled substances and other drugs

Prepare for Anesthesia

Before your surgery your anesthesiologist will call you and let you know when to stop eating and drinking, and whether to continue or discontinue your current daily medications.

Hes/she will go over all of your medical history and answer all of your questions and concerns. It is a good idea to write your questions down, so they are sure to be addressed. This will help alleviate any concerns you may have.

You will also need someone to drive you home after your procedure.

During Anesthesia

Our main focus during surgery is to keep you safe. We will monitor your blood pressure, heart rate, body temperature, EKG, Carbon Dioxide and Oxygen levels throughout your whole surgical procedure. As medical doctors, your anesthesiologist is uniquely qualified to treat not only medical problems related to the surgery itself, but also your chronic conditions that may need special attention during your procedure.

During your treatment, a board-certified anesthesiologist will be there to monitor you the entire time with all the equipment a hospital surgical suite has.


As previously mentioned, innovation has dramatically decreased the negative effects of anesthesia. However, if there is an emergency or change in your condition during surgery our physicians are trained in the latest methods of Advanced Cardiac Life Support(ACLS) and Basic Life Support (BLS). We are always fully equipped with life support equipment including, but not limited to: defibrillators, AED devises, emergency medications and airway equipment. We also ensure that we have emergency back up plans with local EMS/EMT and ambulance services for rapid transport of patients to the local hospital.

GAS Patient Safety

During the past 20 years anesthesia related deaths have dropped dramatically from 1 in 10,000 anesthetics delivered to 1 in 400,000 for outpatient procedures due to ongoing effort by anesthesiologists to make patient safety their highest priority.

Although it is exceptionally rare to be allergic to anesthetic medication, you may have had a problem in the past with certain anesthetics. This is more frequently a side effect of the various medications and your anesthesiologist would like to know about these in order to minimize the chances of this happening again.

General Anesthesia Services’ Mission:

Patient safety and professionalism are our hallmarks and we bring years of experience as experts in anesthesia. We have been providing high-quality office-based anesthesia care to the New York metro area since 2001. Our doctors are all board-certified with the breadth of experience to service our patients and clients’ specific needs. We offer our patients choices and our professional clients a wide range of services. We inform and educate our patients and clients and also offer a wide-range of consulting and technical services in addition to anesthesia care. We work hard to be prompt, prepared and compassionate when caring for all of our patients.

Our physicians are trained in the latest methods of Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Pediatric Advanced Life Support and Basic Life Support. We are recertified in these techniques and procedures every two years to maintain current certification with the American Heart Association.

GAS, LLP is a group of full-time board certified anesthesiologists. We can provide you with prompt, professional treatments with experienced board certified physicians. We have been providing high quality office-based anesthesia care in the New York metro area since 2001. We provide you with a full range of anesthesia services.


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Oral Sedation Dentistry

Many people experience anxiety about undergoing dental work or even visiting the dentist at all, a fear known as dental phobia. This can keep them from seeking proper dental care and may be compromising their dental health. Relief for patients with dental phobia is now available through oral sedation dentistry.Sedation dentistry involves the use of medication to provide a relaxing and anxiety-free experience for people undergoing dental treatment.Although sometimes referred to as “sleep dentistry“, most patients remain awake after taking oral sedation medication and experience a sleepy feeling.There are several different methods available to achieve varying degrees of sedation, all depending on the type of procedure and preference of the patient.Most patients use nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, to achieve the relaxed sensation they desire for their treatment. We also offer conscious sedation and deep sedation for more advanced procedures, which can be administered orally or intravenously.With the use of dental sedation, we are able to perform most of our procedures in just one office visit, significantly reducing the worry and anxiety many patients face when it comes to dental care.

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Take advantage of our oral sedation dentistry services for easy, fast and painless treatments completed in just one office visit! Don’t let your smile suffer due to dental anxieties!