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What Is Osseointegration?

If you need dental implants on Long Island or wherever you happen to live, you may happen to hear the word “osseointegration” either from your dentist or from the research you might do. It certainly sounds impressive, but how does

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3D Printing Is Making Dentistry Cheaper And Faster

3D printing is an amazing technology. With just a single device that fits on a bench and a computer, you can manufacture objects that used to need full labs or machine shops to make. And while you may hear about

Posted in cosmetic dentistry

3 Signs Your Dentures Need Repair

Dentures are designed to take a lot of punishment. After all, they have to replace your teeth, the hardest things in the human body, and the reason they’re so tough is that they need to chew every kind of food

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3 Common Causes Of Bad Breath

A lot of people are self-conscious about how their breath smells. Most of the time, people don’t get close enough to notice, but then the ones who do get close enough are usually the people we care about the most.

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Why Sedation Dentistry in Long Island May be the Right Choice

Many people are anxious about visiting the dentist, especially when it comes time to have a bigger than normal procedure done. By that, we mean a procedure that is more involved than your typical cleaning twice a year. However, some

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The Importance of a Back to School Dental Checkup

School is fast approaching and with it comes the obligatory school supply and clothes shopping, haircuts, doctors’ appointments to catch up on shots and physicals, and vision tests. So, why would you skip your pediatric dental checkup and cleaning?

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General Dentist Versus a Cosmetic Dentist- What are the Differences?

When you begin to compare the different dentists that are available, you will find that a general dentist deals more with treatment and prevention, while a cosmetic dentist will focus more on the overall aesthetics involved in your smile and

Posted in cosmetic dentistry

Debunking Myths About Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry Long Island is a good solution for those that feel overly anxious about sitting in the dentists’ chair. However, there are always going to be those myths floating around that may make you think twice about utilizing such

Posted in sedation dentistry

This And That About ValPlast Dentures

Accidents, injuries, and periodontal disease are common culprits behind missing, broken teeth. Luckily, people don’t have to accept the fate and live with the issues. After all, one or more missing teeth can leave a person feeling self-conscious about their

Posted in dentures

Consider Dental Implants When You Need A New Smile

Long Island residents, just like many other citizens worldwide, are plagued by missing teeth. Sometimes, the ailments are caused by inadequate brushing and flossing, but different things like accidents, injuries, and periodontal disease can produce similar results. Regardless of why

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