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An On-Site Dental Lab Makes All Of The Difference In The World

When a person needs dentures, porcelain veneers, or other kinds of prosthetic devices to fix tooth ailments, the last thing they want is to have to remain without their teeth for an extended period. Unfortunately, many dentists do not have an on-site dental lab. Instead, they must send molds off to manufacturers, and patients are […]

Reasons To Seek Same Day Dentures In Long Island

An improperly fitted denture can give the wearer fits. It can cause pain, lead to embarrassing moments, and impair speech. Not all dentures are uncomfortable, and they are not all created equally either. However, for those people suffering from the discomfort, the sensations can almost seem unbearable at times. A device that goes too far […]

Get Your Dentures The Same Day

Having relines, repairs, and new dentures made is a part of wearing dentures, and the part that most people dread is the time they need to spend without their needed teeth while these processes are being done. At Island Dental Associates, we know how important it is for all of our patients to have their […]

Sensitive Issues

When most people think about going to the dentist, they will usually have their teeth in mind as the focus of the visit. While there is fairly good public awareness as to the importance of gum health in overall oral hygiene, there is not always as strong of a sense of how integral gum health […]

Easy Go, Easy Come

Dental issues can arise for a variety of reasons, and can truly happen at any time. Accidents which damage the teeth or result in total tooth loss are unexpected, and dealing with these occurrences with a sense of urgency is quite important. How fast you react will not only affect your oral health and pain, […]

Same Day Dentures Are Convenient

Not only are dentures often deemed a necessity for cosmetic purposes, they also help a person to eat as they should as well, making fast dentures very important to many of our patients. Waiting for days to receive new or fixed dentures causes an inconvenience to patients, and our on-site denture lab at Island Dental […]

Got a Dental Emergency? We’re Here to Help You

Unfortunately dental emergencies happen but we’re here to help you. Keep in mind that we’re open 7 days a week, 24 hours. We treat all types of dental emergencies from cracked teeth, cracked dentures, abscesses and infections, broken fillings, loose crowns, you name it, we’ve treated it before and we’re here to help you. There’s […]