Cavity? Now What?

Next steps after getting a cavity

A cavity is an opening on the tooth, dentin, or gum. It can be caused by tooth decay, gum disease, or misaligned teeth. What to do if you get a cavity? One of the first steps is to seek dental advice to determine the cause and get treatment. A hole that has healed but remains unrepaired may result in the loss of a tooth.

The main problem that causes tooth decay lies in the tooth’s place. This is known as the cavity’s apical location. Most holes are located in the tooth’s center or, more specifically, in the soft tissue at the tooth’s back. If the tooth is not properly cleaned, bacteria can grow in the tooth. These germs break down the tooth enamel and release acids that eat away at the tooth’s supporting layers. When this happens, the tooth decays and needs to be replaced.

A cavity that has healed but is left untreated could cause a severe dental problem. A retained filling causes infection because it contains bacteria, which is toxic to the body. It also can cause the surrounding gum tissues to become inflamed. That will lead to tooth sensitivity or even swelling, which will need to be treated by a dental professional.

If your child has a cavity, then the best thing to do is to make sure that he or she goes to a dental clinic straight away and is treated promptly. If your child were to wait two or three days before seeking help, the bacteria could spread and could cause further damage to the tooth. What to do if you get a cavity? Consult a dentist right away.

There are some things to consider when considering what to do if you get a cavity. The first is how severe the condition of the tooth is. An extreme case of a cavity could mean that the tooth is permanently gone. While this sounds horrible, it’s the reality of dental problems. Most dental clinics have emergency departments in which they will treat severe cases. It would help if you went to your dentist immediately when you have any tooth problems or other dental concerns, regardless of their severity.

Another consideration is whether or not the dentist you see is emergency only or specializes in what to do if you get a cavity. You might find it helpful to ask for a referral to a specific dentist. If you have any other children, then they might want a referral as well. Your dentist may be able to recommend them.

For serious cases of tooth decay, the mouth may need to be taken care of by a dental professional. If you get a cavity in your tooth, if you don’t go to the dental clinic, fill it with potassium nitrate. This chemical compound is used to neutralize the acids produced by the decaying tooth. This will make the enamel stronger and will prevent further decay from occurring. It also makes it easier for bacteria to live in an environment where there is no acid. For severe cases, the teeth could need to be removed so the dentist can correct the problem properly.

What to do if you get a cavity in your tooth is often a big concern for adults who need to take care of their teeth independently. Some people make the mistake of flossing daily and cleaning their mouths before they go to bed. However, this is not a good idea because flossing and brushing can actually damage the teeth and mouth over time. For this reason, it is important to go to the dentist for regular dental checkups. Regular trips to the dentist will ensure that you get proper dental care. Schedule a dentist appointment today!

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