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Full-service, In-house Dental Lab | Island Dental Associates | Franklin Square NY

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Full-service, In-house Dental Lab | Island Dental Associates | Franklin Square NY

Full-service, In-house Dental Lab

Island Dental Associates and Occlusions Dental Lab have joined together to provide our patients with their own full-service and all-inclusive in-house dental lab. This collaboration allows us to bring all of our dental lab services to our patients with same day denture services, including denture repairs, relines as well as porcelain crowns, partials and any […]

Dental Implant Suites

Introducing our newly expanded dental implant suites dedicated to the latest implant technology and restoration.     Working directly with dentists, specialists and lab technicians, all under one roof, we are able to provide same day teeth replacement options. Board certified medical and dental anesthesiologists are also on staff to provide sedation options for your […]

Implants vs Dentures

Implants vs Dentures Both dentures and implants are incredibly beneficial dental options for men and women living in Franklin Square and Long Island, New York. Both options work to enhance and correct missing dentition and are suitable for all types of patients. Understanding the differences between an implant and a denture can help you to […]

Why CT Scans Are Beneficial Before Dental Implants

Without specialized equipment, a dentist can find it difficult to diagnose conditions and perform certain procedures. An accurate diagnosis is imperative in order to provide the correct treatment. This is the main reason why dentists rely so heavily on regular dental x-rays in order to correctly diagnose a wide range of oral health conditions. However, […]

Different Needs Get Different Dental Implants

If you know much about dental implants on Long Island and elsewhere, then you can probably picture the basics in your mind: a titanium screw that drills directly into the bone arch where a tooth used to be, a cap on the screw to secure the tooth, and a porcelain crown that’s the same shape […]

What Is Osseointegration?

If you need dental implants on Long Island or wherever you happen to live, you may happen to hear the word “osseointegration” either from your dentist or from the research you might do. It certainly sounds impressive, but how does it work, and why is it such an important part of modern implant science?

Consider Dental Implants When You Need A New Smile

Long Island residents, just like many other citizens worldwide, are plagued by missing teeth. Sometimes, the ailments are caused by inadequate brushing and flossing, but different things like accidents, injuries, and periodontal disease can produce similar results. Regardless of why one or more teeth become lost, the outcome is usually the same, which is the […]

How Dental Implants Can Transform Your Life

Many Americans suffer from missing teeth and the deteriorating effects of tooth loss. Most, if not all, are also looking for a solution to this problem that can help bring their smile back to its original brightness and shine.

Age Requirements for Dental Implants

If you are missing teeth and are feeling a bit self-conscious about your smile, then you have probably begun to research how advantageous getting dental implants may be for your situation.

Gain The Confidence To Smile Again With Dental Implants

Tooth loss can occur from a wide variety of things like sports injuries, car accidents, or even poor dental hygiene practices. Regardless of why the event happened, it usually causes the person a lot of grief. For example, they may find the ordinarily simple task of chewing to be quite tricky. The individual must avoid […]