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Caring for Veneers

Caring for Veneers Even if you try your hardest to take care of your teeth, you may still be unhappy with the way that they look. Discoloration, staining, gummy smiles, and small chips and cracks can all affect the way that your smile looks. Instead of having to go for more invasive treatment that may […]

3D Printing Is Making Dentistry Cheaper And Faster

3D printing is an amazing technology. With just a single device that fits on a bench and a computer, you can manufacture objects that used to need full labs or machine shops to make. And while you may hear about hobbyists who build plastic models in their basements or garages, professional-quality 3D printing is also […]

General Dentist Versus a Cosmetic Dentist- What are the Differences?

When you begin to compare the different dentists that are available, you will find that a general dentist deals more with treatment and prevention, while a cosmetic dentist will focus more on the overall aesthetics involved in your smile and any restoration work that needs to be done to improve your smile.

A Cosmetic Dentist For Your Treatment Needs

People all across our great nation have different tooth ailments, and sometimes, they have nothing to do with pain. For instance, many folks have spaces between teeth, which they find unappealing to look at in the mirror each day. Other individuals have misshapen or crooked teeth, and rather than flashing smiles for selfies or pictures […]

Reasons To Think About Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry and improving aesthetics tend to go hand in hand. While it is true that the options will beautify your smile, they also make the bite aligned, which in turn, allows you to chew and eat pain-free. For instance, the doctor can install one or more crowns to fix chips, adhere porcelain veneers to […]

Cosmetic Dentistry Options To Fix Smile Imperfections

Many people in today’s world feel uncomfortable with their smiles. Things like gaps between teeth, broken, chipped, missing, or misshapen teeth, and even discolored fillings are often attributed to this view. Additionally, aside from just producing an unappealing look, the ailments can make essential everyday tasks like eating challenging to accomplish. Even drinking hot or […]

Is Cosmetic Dentistry For You?

A visit to the dentist for most people is about either getting a regular check-up, with some cleaning, or else dealing with a major dental issue, such as needing to get dentures or dental implants. But it’s also possible to visit a cosmetic dentist in Long Island. But why should you? If your teeth are […]

What Cosmetic Dentistry Option Is Right For Your Smile?

Making the decision to brighten up your smile is one that you aren’t likely to regret. After all, seeing a cosmetic dentist Long Island is something that can help you feel better about your smile, enjoy foods again, and smile with pride. In short, it could help you be happier and live a fuller life.

Nine Ways To Tell If Your Bite Is Misaligned

When your bite is misaligned, often the most noticeable sign is the appearance. Overbites, underbites, and crooked teeth are often very visually apparent. However, there are some more subtle telltale signs your teeth are misaligned and a sign you need to speak to a cosmetic dentist in Long Island. Here are seven ways to tell […]

Four Health Reasons To Consider Getting Porcelain Veneers

Though porcelain are often thought of as just something Hollywood actors get to have perfect teeth, there are other reasons to consider getting them. Porcelain veneers are a great option to fix a variety of dental issues. Here are six reasons to consider getting porcelain veneers from an expert cosmetic dentist in Long Island: