The Benefits of Having Duplicate Dentures

We’ve all lost or broken something at some point in our lives. Car keys, cell phones, eyeglasses. Eventually, they are either found or replaced, if they have been damaged beyond repair. But, what about your dentures? Or, your partial dentures? What do you do if you lose or break them? Being prepared ahead of time, with a duplicate set of dentures will save you a lot of discomforts and perhaps the embarrassment of having no teeth.

If you have the option to have a second set of dentures, consider having a spare pair made in case of an emergency. The advantages of having a second set of dentures help when your primary dentures need to be repaired, relined, or replaced. With a spare set of dentures, they can be worn while you wait for your primary pair of dentures to be renewed. A backup pair of dentures eliminates the risk of you having to manage without teeth.

It’s also important to have your dentures relined every few years because your gums and bones remodel over the course of time. Dentures may change the way they fit, especially if you lose a significant amount of weight or if you have begun a new medication regimen. You can wear your duplicate dentures while your primary dentures are being refreshed.

If you’re not sure if a spare set of dentures is a good investment, ask the dentists at Island Dental Associates if you should get them made. At Island Dental Associates, our on-site denture lab offers emergency same-day repairs, relines, and the fabrication of same-day dentures. But, if you are on vacation or traveling, you will have to wait longer than usual for a replacement or repair.

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