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For over 30 years, Island Dental Associates has been  Long Islands’ go-to dental office for people who wear dentures. Over the decades, we have provided patients with all types of dentures. What sets us apart from other dental offices is that our patients work directly with their Dentists and In-House Lab Technicians to receive results that exceed their expectations.

What Are Dentures?

Dentures are artificial replacements for one or more missing teeth and adjacent gum tissue. While Complete Dentures replace all teeth in the upper or lower jaw, Partial Dentures replace a single tooth or multiple adjacent teeth. These appliances are removable, with partials relying upon remaining teeth for stability.


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Overdentures are a modern version of denture that improves stability. While conventional dentures rest on the gums and jawbone, overdentures remain anchored by dental implants. These titanium fixtures bond with the existing bone and provide a solid foundation for the dentures. Overdentures help preserve the existing bone, nerve, and tissue that tend to degenerate in the presence of conventional dentures.

Our expertise with dentures includes Same-Day Dentures, Repairs and Relines, Denture House Call Services, Same-Day Flippers, Partials, and Complete dentures. 

At Island Dental Associates, our Dentists and Lab Technicians work closely with you to fabricate comfortable and aesthetically exquisite results to get you smiling confidently. Our on-site lab uses leading-edge technology, the highest quality materials, and the most advanced fabrication techniques in use today. We craft custom-made dentures to restore the smile, function and feel of your natural teeth.

We offer a vast selection of tooth shapes, sizes, palate designs, and gum shade colors, and all made with meticulous detail, so you can choose the denture that best suits you. Only with your approval do we finalize the fabrication of your new teeth.

Call (516) 271-0765 or Request Your Free Denture Consultation and see why our practice has been Long Islands’ #1 dental office within the denture community for over three decades.

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Same Day Services

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Why wait for your dentures to be sent to a lab?

Full-Service Dental Lab On Site

At Island Dental Associates, our cutting-edge on-site lab facilities use computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) technology to construct dental restorations and prostheses. A combination of art and science to fabricate dentures for a natural appearance. In addition to a precise, tailored fit for your unique mouth, you’ll forget you’re wearing them, while others will believe they’re real.

3D Impressions - Advanced Milling Machines
Same Day Dentures - Perfect Sizing, Shade, and Length

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