Same Day Dentures, Repairs & Relines


Same Day Dentures in Long Island

Work directly with the Dentists and the Lab Technicians to get the most comfortable and perfect results that you deserve.

The dentists at Island Dental Associates will make all possible attempts to preserve your natural teeth, but sometimes dentures are the only way to help you eat and speak with a natural looking smile. Our custom-made dentures are a removable dental appliance that replaces the teeth that you are missing either from gum disease, tooth decay, or injury.

Our on-site denture lab allows us to provide patients with same-day repairs, relines and fabrication of new dentures. We perform extractions in our office to enable you to get your dentures immediately so you are never without your teeth. Try your dentures in and give your approval before we finish to make sure you are set with what YOU want.


Having our own onsite lab saves you time and multiple visits, while giving you the optimum results.

Same Day Services


Same day dentures and parts made utilizing the highest quality of materials.

Regardless of what type of denture you may need, the dentists at Island Dental Associates will custom design them to fit your mouth and make you comfortable.

We offer a huge selection of tooth shapes, sizes, and colors; so you can choose what is right for you. We get your approval before we finish and deliver the final teeth to make sure you get what YOU want. We also have different color gum shades, palate designs, and details to be added to give you the most realistic appearance.

On-Site Lab Benefits

Repair / Reline

Maintaining your dentures helps keep their look intact and ensures they will be comfortable to wear at all times. However, no matter how careful you are with them or how much you clean them, eventually you’re going to need a professional’s help. An in-office denture reline is a necessary part of every maintenance routine. 

We Can Do It All!

We are here to help get you your smile and confidence back.

We can help with loose dentures, explore our Implant Restoration Options.

Emergency Denture Repairs Performed Daily


Full Service Dental Lab On Site

Experience the first of its kind on Long Island.
Island Dental Associates Full Service Lab uses the latest technology in digital dentistry.
This allows us to provide our patients with the most precise, accurate and aesthetic restorations, made right on-site!
It offers tremendous benefits to our patients bringing all of our dental lab services under one roof working directly with our experienced dentists and lab technicians to achieve perfect restorations all the time.

Dentists, Specialists and On-Site Lab - All Under One Roof, All Working Together.

The Cost of Dentures

Our fees are extremely reasonable; we offer many affordable types of dentures to fit any budget. We also accept insurance, offer payment plans, and have many 0% financing options.

Denture FAQ's

If you take proper care of your dentures they will last longer and fit better. To take care of them, please include the following in your daily care:
Clean your dentures every day. Brush them the same way you would brush your teeth but without the toothpaste. Instead, use a soft-bristle brush that is designed specifically for dentures and water to brush all of the surfaces of your dentures. Make sure you don’t bend any attachments. Rinse your dentures with water after every meal. You can soak your dentures in a special denture soaking solution but that is not a substitute for the brushing you need to do to remove plaque.

Treat your dentures gently. When you handle your dentures make sure to not let them fall into the sink. When you soak them, use cool water or a denture cleaning solution so that they don’t dry out.
Remove your dentures, either full or partial, every night so that your gum tissue beneath the dentures can rest.

When your teeth are missing it is difficult to speak. You may have changed your speech patterns to compensate for your missing teeth. Now that you have dentures you may have to relearn how to pronounce certain words with your new dentures. You can practice speaking by reading out loud or repeating the words you have had some difficulty with.

Most dental insurance providers cover some, if not all, of the costs of dentures. You will need to verify your coverage with your dental insurance provider. Island Dental Associates knows how important dentures are and because of this we offer the following to our patients:

  • 48 months interest-free financing so you can make affordable payments
  • 5% discount for seniors
  • Credit cards accepted

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