What is the Best Age for Dental Implants?

People who have lost teeth because of disease, injury, or wear and tear can benefit from getting dental implants. This surgical procedure inserts a titanium screw into a bone to hold an artificial tooth in place. They are affordable and can last a lifetime.

Missing teeth can cause speech impediments, difficulty chewing, chronic pain, and gum infections. Fortunately, dental implants are a durable, natural-looking, and attractive way to replace one or more teeth. You can smile again with confidence with this permanent solution.

The Best Age for Dental Implants

Most people do not realize that dental implants are not only for older people. Although there is no upper age limit, there is a lower one. The best age to get dental implants is when you have a fully developed jaw. You can’t have dental implants when you’re under the age of 18 since your bones are still growing. Your jaw must fully develop before receiving this type of surgery.

Choosing the Best Dental Implants

There are two primary types of implants: implant-supported crowns and implant-supported bridges.

Implant-supported crowns are the most common type of dental implant. Because they hold a permanent bond with the surrounding tooth structure, they are sometimes called “bonded” or “fixed” crowns. Fixed crowns are also sometimes referred to as fixed bridges. Usually, they are made from porcelain or ceramic materials, but some can also be made from metal alloys.

Implant-supported bridges are another option. They are also known as fixed bridges, but unlike implant-supported crowns, they have more options, such as metal, porcelain, and enamel-colored materials.

Are Dental Implants Better than Dentures?

Many patients wonder whether they should get dentures instead of implants. Despite the widely advertised benefits of dentures and their impressive cost, they are not a better option. Dental implants offer more benefits than dentures, making them a popular alternative.

A dental implant is placed in the jawbone with a titanium screw that has roots in the bone. It holds firmly in place because it is encased in a layer of bone. Dental implants are more effective than dentures because they have roots in the jawbone. Since dentures do not have an attachment to the jaw, they can wobble when you chew on anything hard or crunchy.

Why You Should Choose a Dental Implant

Dental implants are a long-term solution that can improve your oral health. Besides restoring your smile and raising your self-esteem, they will also improve your overall health since you can eat all kinds of healthy, natural foods, like apples and pears, or nuts and seeds.

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