Do Dental Implants Really Make a Difference?

You may wonder whether dental implants make a real difference when it comes to effective tooth replacement in Long Island. Whether you have already lost your teeth and are using a traditional denture or whether you are considering a full or partial denture for the future, dental implants offer a truly different option that provides many of the benefits of natural teeth with a long term, permanent solution that allows you to eat, chew and sing freely.

Traditional dentures have some key downsides: They may slip and irritate your gums. They don’t feel like natural teeth, and you may feel anxious about people noticing that you are wearing dentures. Dental implants in Franklin Square provide a tremendous amount of freedom and security for people looking for an advanced solution to replace a missing tooth or teeth. Here are some of the key differences that distinguish dental implants.

Eliminate Irritation or Denture Slipping

Dental implants eliminate concerns about dentures slipping, moving while you talk or eat, or irritating your mouth and gums. Whether you are replacing an individual tooth with a dental implant or opting for implant-retained dentures for a full arch of teeth, dental implants are directly anchored to your jawbone. You can bite safely with most of your natural force, making it comfortable and enjoyable to eat anything you like.

Provide a Long-Lasting, Permanent Solution

With aftercare from your Long Island dentist, dental implants have a success rate well in advance of 95%. Just keep your oral hygiene in place and visit the dentist regularly, just as you would with natural teeth. Dental implants do not need to be regularly replaced and relined like traditional dentures. Instead, your implant stays in place for decades, and you won’t need to worry about replacement or repair.

Keep Your Jawbone Protected

Because traditional dentures only replace the teeth above the gum line, your bones can still erode over time without natural teeth. By using an implant-retained denture or individual dental implants in Franklin Square, the roots of your natural teeth are replicated by the implant. This means that the posts in your jaw can encourage the growth of new bone, preserving density and supporting the youthful appearance of your face.

Feel Confident and Secure in your Smile

Traditional dentures can look very realistic. However, you may still feel aware of the fact that you are wearing dentures. You may worry that they will slip or become apparent when you talk, laugh, sing or eat with others. You may still hide your smile, even though you have replaced your missing teeth. With dental implants, you can once again enjoy the look and feel of natural teeth and the confidence boost that this can provide.

Enjoy Easy Care

When you have dental implants, you just need to care for your smile as you would your natural teeth. You don’t need to worry about removing your denture, using special solutions, or relying on adhesives, and you can just visit your dentist for regular oral care. Dental implants can remove your worries about complex oral health needs.

Dental implants in Long Island can help to boost your confidence, strengthen your smile and improve your oral health. Contact Island Dental Associates at 516-271-0767 or use our secure online form to request an appointment for a consultation.

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