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With the many new materials available, we can create beautiful results for problems such as:

We offer both surgical and non-surgical procedures performed by our highly skilled and experienced group of New York cosmetic dentists. Some of the services we offer include the following:

Porcelain Veneers (All veneers are not the same, our attention to detail, experience and highly qualified boutique lab technicians work solely on one case at a time to achieve and exceed both your and our expectations. We will not complete a case until we are both satisfied).

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It’s much easier today to have a beautiful smile than it was, let’s say, twenty years ago. Cosmetic dentistry has made huge progress, so practically everybody who has the wish and the money can have a Hollywood-like smile with very little effort.

Cosmetic dentists make use of various procedures to give people a beautiful smile. We are going to see a few of them in this article.

Teeth whitening or bleaching is probably the most common treatment. It is done through a chemical process: a special substance is applied on the teeth, then you either need to let that substance act for a certain amount of time, or your teeth get exposed to UV light that accelerates the whitening. Teeth whitening can be done either in the dentist’s office or at home.


whiteningbeforeandafter(1)Overall, tooth discoloration can be caused by quite a few different things. No matter what, this is a condition that can end up being both embarrassing or even unsightly.

While there are a number of teeth whitening treatments offered at Island Dental Associates that can be done to help whiten or even out the color of teeth that have become discolored, it is a good idea to recognize some of the causes so that you can prevent the discoloration from happening in the first place.

What Are The Main Causes Of Tooth Discoloration?


Pearly white teethWhether you have pearly white teeth because you have spent your life looking after them or you are having teeth whitening treatment at the dentist, the difficult part is keeping them white.

There are so many foods around these days that can stain teeth and a change in eating or drinking habits can quickly see white teeth start to change shade. Even for those who do not have perfect white teeth, if they start avoiding the foods mentioned in this article, then they can start work on improving them.

What foods should you avoid for whiter teeth?


What are the best ways to whiten your teeth?

whitening trayA sensitive subject that a lot of people have a hard time talking about, is the color of their teeth. Some people are comfortable with the shade of their teeth, while others are very insecure about how their teeth look and want to change that. The thing about teeth whitening is that it’s a subject you need to be informed about. The more you know, the better you can go about whitening your teeth to the best that they can be.

Tips to Keep Your Teeth White

Stay away from wine, cigarettes and coffee. Each of these substances can cause stubborn stains to form on your teeth. If you must indulge in these things, be sure to follow up by brushing your teeth immediately after. You may also want to look into the disposable toothbrushes so you don’t have to carry a toothbrush with you all the time. The abrasive surface helps clean your teeth.