How Can A Cosmetic Dentist Improve Your Smile?

It’s much easier today to have a beautiful smile than it was, let’s say, twenty years ago. Cosmetic dentistry has made huge progress, so practically everybody who has the wish and the money can have a Hollywood-like smile with very little effort.

Cosmetic dentists make use of various procedures to give people a beautiful smile. We are going to see a few of them in this article.

Teeth whitening or bleaching is probably the most common treatment. It is done through a chemical process: a special substance is applied on the teeth, then you either need to let that substance act for a certain amount of time, or your teeth get exposed to UV light that accelerates the whitening. Teeth whitening can be done either in the dentist’s office or at home.

Veneers are also quite widespread. They are very thin ceramic shells that are custom made and get attached to your front teeth, covering them and making them look just perfect. If your teeth are worn or chipped, but otherwise healthy, veneers are a great way of making them look great again without having to weaken them. Veneers are less expensive than crowns, therefore they are a great solution to make healthy, ugly teeth look beautiful.

Braces are another cosmetic dentistry treatment that gained a lot of popularity lately. They apply a slight pressure to the teeth, repositioning them slowly. They are good not only because the result of wearing them is a beautiful smile, but also because they help improve the health of the gums.

Among other procedures used by cosmetic dentists there are crowns, bridges, implants or dentures. They all play a double role: they help the patients regain the functionality of their teeth and they provide them a beautiful smile.

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