What Are The Common Causes Of Tooth Discoloration?

whiteningbeforeandafter(1)Overall, tooth discoloration can be caused by quite a few different things. No matter what, this is a condition that can end up being both embarrassing or even unsightly.

While there are a number of teeth whitening treatments offered at Island Dental Associates that can be done to help whiten or even out the color of teeth that have become discolored, it is a good idea to recognize some of the causes so that you can prevent the discoloration from happening in the first place.

What Are The Main Causes Of Tooth Discoloration?

One of the main causes of tooth discoloration is actually the types of items that you consume on a regular basis. With food or drinks that can stain and even tobacco use, you are going to notice a gradual discoloration of the teeth. If you do not properly care for your teeth, over time you can notice that these items will discolor teeth even faster.

Some of the other common causes of discolored teeth will include advanced aging, medications, poor dental care, trauma and even genetics. While some of these causes are unable to be controlled, you will find that the dentists at Island Dental Associates can work with you to try to help you keep your teeth from becoming discolored with a proper care routine.

In some cases, dental patients will find that their teeth will start to become discolored simply because their enamel has worn down. Because the enamel is what protects the tooth, damage to it can lead to discoloration, sensitivities and even deterioration or breakage. Proper oral hygiene with products that are meant to strengthen enamel will help to keep your teeth looking strong and bright for a longer period of time.

Not everyone is lucky enough to be blessed with a perfectly white smile. However, with a great regimen and regular dental visits, you will be able to remain proactive against discoloration of the teeth.

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