What Are The Benefits of Laser Dentistry?

Dentist using a laser to treat patientLaser dentistry involves the use of laser beams to handle dental surgeries and other conditions related to the dental treatment. This procedure can also be used to treat gum related infections with a higher success rate than using other means.

Discussed below are a few benefits of laser dentistry.

1.    Painless: Pain and fear are two things that come into many people’s minds when they think of a dentist. Nonetheless, dental procedures with laser beams is painless, meaning there is nothing to be afraid of.  In addition to this, it reduces post-operation pains, bleeding and even swelling on the operated side.

2.    Accuracy:  Accuracy and precision in laser dentistry is much higher than other operation means, meaning tooth removal and extraction is almost perfect. Tissues surrounding the area to be operated on are left untouched, as only the affected part is touched or removed.

3.    Reduced swelling and bleeding: a very limited part is induced to incisions to allow laser beams through. This means bleeding is highly controlled as the dentist doesn’t have to open up a wound on the patient. Laser surgery also reduces trauma in patients, because less drilling is required too.

4.    Versatility: Laser procedures can be handled on almost any tissue, whether on soft gums or even through enamel (the hardest part of the body). This helps the dentist to be able to remove decaying matter from your teeth, root canal and in periodontal procedures.

5.    Limited return visits: Unlike other dental procedures, laser dentistry doesn’t require a patient to keep coming back for anesthetic, as all procedures required can be done in one single visit.  This helps patients save time and money, as well as avoid trauma related to other means of tooth extraction and other procedures performed.

Laser dentistry gives you a reason not to be afraid of dental visits, as you can have any procedure undertaken without any pains.

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