Island Dental Associates has been offering the residents of Long Island and Queens comprehensive dental health care for more than 20 years. We offer a wide selection of dental services such as cosmetic, general to help protect, maintain and correct our patients’ beautiful smiles.

We supply our patients with all the time and attention they deserve, and this ensures that all their dental health needs are attended to. We offer our loyal patients all the information they could possibly need with added recommendations and great resources necessary to improve their knowledge on oral hygiene.

We clearly understand everyone’s dental requirements differ, and this is the reason we supply customized dental plans, that ensure each patient receives quality care. We realize that patients need, or desire, restorative and/or cosmetic care. Our practice has a selection of services to meet all our patients’ dental needs:

We have an added service at our dental office it is an on-site denture lab where we are capable of providing superior quality, affordable and personalized denture services. These include new dentures, surgical denture implants, denture relines and partials. Most of the denture repairs are done at the lab while you enjoy a cup of coffee. Should you be in need of replacement dentures the process is rapid as we produce the replacement in our own laboratory.

We can offer the patient several types of dentures at our offices. Our warm and friendly staff has your best interests at heart and our gentle approach to dentistry make every one of our patients relaxed and comfortable when they are at our dental offices.

Are Dental Implants Covered by Insurance?

Patients often ask whether dental implants are covered by insurance?  The answer is that it depends?

Many companies that provide dental insurance maintain that dental implants are a cosmetic dental procedure and not “necessary” and therefore not covered. However, there are a few insurance providers that do cover implants to some extent.  It just depends on your insurance carrier.

Another question we get asked frequently is whether a patient who is planning on having implants placed can switch from an insurance provider who not does cover implants to one that does.