Dental Implant Insurance and Financing

Are Dental Implants Covered by Insurance?

Patients often ask whether dental implants are covered by insurance?  The answer is that it depends?

Many companies that provide dental insurance maintain that dental implants are a cosmetic dental procedure and not “necessary” and therefore not covered. However, there are a few insurance providers that do cover implants to some extent.  It just depends on your insurance carrier.

Another question we get asked frequently is whether a patient who is planning on having implants placed can switch from an insurance provider who not does cover implants to one that does.

Unfortunately, the typical answer to that question is “no”. The reason is due to the fact that many dental insurance policies have exclusions for pre-existing conditions. In addition, many policies contain caps which limit the amount of coverage available in any calender year. Therefore, even if your policy does cover dental implants the likelihood is that you would max out your coverage.


We Offer an Affordable Dental Implant Solution

For your convenience Island Dental Associates will contact your dental insurance provider on your behalf to determine whether dental implants are covered under your policy so you know what your co-payments are before you start any treatment.

In addition, we offer interest free financing for over 48-Month where you can get the dental treatment you need and deserve immediately while having the peace of mind knowing that you can pay it off easily and without accruing interest.

The important thing is that you should NEVER delay your the dental care you need!

Replacing those missing teeth and start smiling with confidence. Stabilize your dentures with dental implants or mini implants. For your comfort sedation is available as well.

Call Island Dental Associate in Franklin Square at 516-565-6565 for a complimentary consultation and see how we can help you.

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