Your Comprehensive Guide To Partial Dentures: Permanent Partials And Removable Partials

Partial dentures are a type of dental bridge that is commonly used by people who have lost just a couple of teeth due to malnutrition, tooth decay or a jaw-related accident. When there are gaps in your teeth it can result in bacteria and food forming in these empty spaces.

In these cases, partial dentures are used by dentists to fill the gaps in and prevent gum and tooth decay eventually.

In addition to helping you eat and speak better, they also help to prevent your lips and cheeks from caving in which can often happen whenever a significant tooth loss occurs.

There are different types of dentures that are available, but the kind that are used will depend on the specific circumstances. To determine what type of denture will meet your needs the best, you will need to call Island Dental Associates to set up an appointment. If you have just a couple of missing teeth, usually a removable partial denture will be recommended.

Removable partial dentures are a type of false crafted denture that is designed to fit over the remaining teeth that you have. The false teeth that come with the denture fit in between the gaps. They may be fit for attaching to your back teeth for replacing any tooth that is used for chewing or as a bridge going over the roof of your mouth.

Permanent partial dentures are a type of false teeth that get attached by various means to your existing teeth. Usually they include a plastic or metal clasp that tightly fits against your remaining teeth. Often they are grafted to your jaw bone using complex surgery where your gums are drilled through to reach the bone underneath. The procedure is frequently referred to as a tooth implant. This is considered by dentists to be a more complicated procedure, which makes it more expensive compared to other dental procedures and operations. The patient has to undergo a long recovery period when getting teeth implants, however they are fragile and more durable compared to false teeth.

To care for the dentures, make sure to thoroughly floss between the teeth. Also make sure to brush the gums covering the dentures in order to prevent gum diseases and plaque. It is a great idea to buy a good denture case for your removable false teeth since they are quite fragile. Even when worn they can easily chip or break off.

Usually patients become accustomed to wearing false teeth after using them for about a month, and it is necessary to visit the dentist on a regular basis since your dentist will need to make sure the dentures are firmly in place still. Adjustments often need to made whenever false teeth get affected by daily speaking, eating and chewing. Regular wear and tear can be expected with removal partial dentures. That is why proper care needs to be done in order to increase the life of partial dentures.

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