Why Worry About Sleep Apnea?

Why Worry About Sleep Apnea?When you first hear about sleep apnea, you might not think it sounds important. It’s just a bad case of snoring, right? Maybe it’s a problem if you snore hard enough to wake yourself up, but that’s what sleeping pills are for.

However, sleep apnea is a more serious condition than normal snoring, you can have sleep apnea without snoring at all. Sleep apnea can make it impossible to get a full night’s sleep, and in some cases, it can lead to more serious consequences. The condition has several reasons why you should see a dentist or periodontist on Long Island to treat the problem.

1. Sleep Apnea Stops You From Breathing

The reason sleep apnea causes people to snore louder than normal and the reason it forces you to wake up in the night is because the muscles in your throat are relaxing too much. This lets the weight of your throat fall on itself and close your windpipe. When it’s only partly closed you snore louder, but when it closes completely your body jolts you awake so you can start breathing again.

2. Sleep Apnea Gets In The Way Of Sleeping

When your body wakes up to help you start breathing again, you usually don’t remember it because you go right back to sleep. However, your body will remember it because that moment you wake up interrupts your sleep cycle. You need to go through the whole cycle to rest your body and mind, and without it, you can end up sleeping for nine hours and feel like you only slept for two.

3. Sleep Apnea Bothers People Who Can Hear You

Whether it’s a roommate or a significant other, if someone is sleeping in the same room as a person with sleep apnea then there will probably be at least two people who wake up tired the next morning. Visiting a periodontist on Long Island to treat your sleep apnea can help the people you live with just as much as it helps you.

Sleep apnea has several effective treatments, and not all of them require an expensive air pump. In fact, weight loss can help treat the symptoms since excess fat on the throat can cause the condition. So go see a dentist or periodontist on Long Island if you have sleep apnea because once you experience a full night’s sleep again you’ll wonder why you took so long to do something.

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