Why Sedation Dentistry in Long Island May be the Right Choice

 Why Sedation Dentistry in Long Island May be the Right ChoiceMany people are anxious about visiting the dentist, especially when it comes time to have a bigger than normal procedure done. By that, we mean a procedure that is more involved than your typical cleaning twice a year. However, some are still afraid of even a normal cleaning.

When a patient gets anxious, it can impede the work and the progress of the dentist and may make the situation even harder. Whether it is an appointment for a simple tooth cleaning or a more invasive procedure, sedation dentistry may be the solution to your dental woes.


What is Sedation Dentistry?


Sedation dentistry is also known as sleep dentistry, but most of the time the patient stays awake. Medication is used to sedate the patient to help them relax so they can get through the procedure. There are different levels of sedation that may be used.

Minimal sedation means that the patient is awake and alert but is in a very relaxed state. Moderate sedation, at one time known as conscious sedation, means there is a chance that you may not remember all or part of the procedure.

Deep sedation means you are on the verge of being unconscious, but you can still be awakened, and general anesthesia is used if the patient needs to be completely unconscious and unalert for the procedure.


Good Candidates for Sedation Dentistry


Good candidates for sedation dentistry in Long Island include patients that fit within one of the following categories:

• Need major work done or are facing complicated and long procedures
• Teeth are sensitive or delicate
• You get really anxious at the thought of the dentist
• Low pain tolerance
Is Sedation Dentistry Safe?

As with any procedure or medication, there may be some risks involved with sedation dentistry. It is important that you are straightforward and honest about your medical history as well as disclosing any medications you are currently taking.

The dentist will then also take into consideration your age and the state of your health to determine what the proper dose would be for you. Finally, you want to make sure that the dentist is licensed and reliable and knows what they are doing so you can feel more comfortable and at ease throughout the entire sedation process.

To further determine if sedation dentistry Long Island is the right option for you, consult with your dentist about the benefits that you can experience with this form of dentistry.

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