What To Expect From Dental Implant Surgery

Dental implantDental implant surgery is an excellent option in replacing missing teeth, and at Island Dental Associates, we perform these procedures to those in need of them in the Franklin Square Long Island area! A dental implant will look, function, and feel just like a natural tooth, and the placing of a dental implant can also help you to avoid the bone deterioration that may come along with missing teeth.

When getting a dental implant, it is important to know what to expect. When you know what you’re expecting with any procedure, it can be much easier to alleviate anxieties and feel more comfortable with what you may be having done. When having dental implant surgery, a local anesthetic is typically used to numb your mouth and keep you comfortable during the duration of the procedure. For those who may be particularly anxious, nitrous oxide or other sedatives may be available as well, but many patients find that having a dental implant placed only causes very minor discomfort and you will often be able to return to work or other activities the very same day!

The first step of dental implant surgery is the placing of a titanium post into the hole left by a missing tooth. When a tooth is extracted or otherwise lost, the absent root will leave a hole in the jawbone itself, and when receiving a dental implant, this hole will then be filled with a post which will act as a root for your new implanted tooth. Over time, after this post is placed, the titanium post will then fuse to the jawbone and provide a solid foundation for a strong new tooth.

The waiting process that occurs when the jawbone is fusing to the new post can vary in terms of time length, but this will typically take around 3-4 months. Once this healing is finished, and the post has been settled nicely into the jaw bone, your new replacement tooth can then be placed. A dental implant will allow you to eat the foods you love while giving you the confidence to smile brightly again, and these implants are suitable for those with gum disease, various missing teeth, and even those who smoke.

Dental implant surgery has a very high success rate, and the majority of those who decide to undergo the procedure find that it greatly increases their overall quality of life. If you are looking into dental implant surgery, call us today at Island Dental to see if an implant is right for you!

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