What Goes On In A Dental Lab?

what-goes-on-in-a-dental-labAt Island Dental, we offer a high-tech dental lab for Long Island residents. Not every dental office comes with a lab, and because we have one we don’t have to send information and orders to a remote location and wait for them to get back to us with the appliances our patients need.

But what goes on in a dental lab that makes having one so convenient? There are a lot of things dental labs can create.


Partial And Full Dentures


When you need false teeth after the real ones come out, technicians will create the dental appliances you need. Their shape needs to be very precise, because not only do the teeth have to look like the ones they replace, the plastic or metal fitting has to be snug against your gums and the roof of your mouth.


Dental Implants


While the titanium screw part of an implant is created in a factory and not at a dental lab, dentists and dental technicians do have to decide which screw design is appropriate for the position in the jaw and the amount of bone it’s going into. As for the porcelain crown that attaches to the screw, that part is the responsibility of dental lab technicians since it has to look like the tooth it replaces.




Crowns are very similar to the porcelain part of dental implants, with the biggest difference being that they fit over your natural roots instead of an artificial one. Crowns are most often made of porcelain and gold, with porcelain being better at looking like a natural tooth and gold being more durable and just soft enough to not damage your natural teeth. Having a lab on hand means spending less time with a broken tooth or a temporary crown.




Dental veneers attach to teeth both to improve their look and help with their function. That’s why a dental lab on Long Island will use materials like porcelain and resin that can take on any shape and are about as hard as natural teeth once they set. Their shape has to be very precise to match both the shape of your natural teeth and the look you want, which is why it helps to have a dental lab handy.

Dental labs play a key role in both cosmetic and restorative dentistry, so it’s a good idea to visit a dentist office with a dental lab on Long Island. Since we have one at Island Dental Associates, we can offer high-tech solutions and make sure our patients spend as little time as possible waiting for their new appliances, crowns, implants, and veneers.

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