What Are The Solutions For Replacing Missing Teeth?

Missing teeth are a common and dentists have various methods for replacing a missing tooth. Let’s take a look at some of these options and what they entail for the patient who has the missing tooth.

Dental Bridges

Based on the dentist’s recommendation, dental bridges are a potential solution for this issue. Especially when it comes to multiple missing teeth, dental bridges can become an excellent solution for setting a solid foundation. These bridges are placed inside and hold the teeth together as they are situated inside the mouth. One drawback for this particular solution is that bridges require replacement every 5-10 years, which can be frustrating.


Dentures are another option for patients that want to get a natural, aesthetic appearance for their teeth. In the past, this option was not for those who wanted to make their teeth appear natural. Yet, dentistry has progressed to a point where they are a great option for those who are missing a lot of teeth and want a solution that is easy.

Dental Implants

Dental Implants represent the only permanent solution on the market for patients who don’t want to keep coming back for maintenance and who don’t want to deal with the shortcomings of bridges and dentures. Implants permanently replace a new tooth in the area of the old one in a very stable ans secure way Implants do not shift and will not require replacement unless it is physically broken like a regular tooth, which is quite rare.

At Island Dental Associates we offer our patients with missing teeth every option available in modern dentistry.  Dental insurance is available and we offer financing/payment options to make whatever procedure you choose as affordable as possible.

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