What Are The Benefits Of Invisible Braces

You can straighten your teeth with clear bracesBraces are mostly used to straighten teeth that are misaligned or to correct an overbite.  Teeth straightening is normally attended to during childhood and more frequently during the teen years.

The idea of wearing braces is not a pleasant one for most teenagers as there is a certain amount of stigma attached, and traditional metal braces add to the discomfort because of the way it affects a child’s appearance.

Fortunately, the option of having invisible braces fitted can help to remove the stigma and make teenagers feel more comfortable about getting their teeth straightened.


Invisalign braces are clear, plastic braces that are virtually invisible and removable for easy cleaning.  They are smooth and comfortable and do not restrict what you may eat.

Customized Treatment Plan

A customized treatment plan includes x-rays, photographs and impressions of the gums and teeth to create a 3D image.  At our orthodontic offices, we will map out a customized treatment plan to record the exact movements of the teeth, which will give an estimate of the length of treatment required.  With innovative technology, you can now see a visual representation of the movement of the teeth during each stage, as well as the final result.


Invisible braces, also called ibraces, lingual braces or Incognito braces, are placed on the backs of the teeth where they are totally invisible.  They are customized to follow the contour of the teeth for maximum comfort.

The procedure involves a consultation with one of our experienced orthodontists who will take impressions of your teeth.  The impressions are sent to the laboratory where models are made, which are then scanned into a computer program.    3D imaging technology is used to design the invisible braces, and a prescription is written with each wire and bracket to fit your teeth perfectly.

After approximately six weeks, when the braces have arrived from the laboratory, a follow-up appointment will be set up for the bonding process.  This bonding appointment could last for several hours, depending on the scope of the process.

Follow-up appointments are made for adjustments at regular intervals, until the desired effect has been obtained, at which time the braces will be removed, revealing a lovely smile with perfectly straight teeth.

Every teenager will feel much more comfortable with invisible braces than the traditional metal braces.  Consult with one of our orthodontists to discuss your particular teeth problems and find out if you are a good candidate for invisible braces.

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