What Are Inlays and Onlays?

dental onlay on a cast modelMany patients ask about inlays and onlays and how they can benefit them.

Inlays are fabricated when a tooth is cracked or decayed or broken and a patient wants to restore the tooth but not put a crown on it. The tooth is prepared, it’s cleaned up and basically we take an impression of the tooth and fabricate a puzzle piece that fits into the tooth, gets bonded in place. The colors are matched perfectly so that you can’t even tell that the work was done to the tooth.

An onlay is a restoration in which we take the same type of impression, but it goes over the tooth to restore the tooth back to its normal shape, size and restores function, and you can eat on it, both inlay and onlay. It matches perfectly and there are different types of materials that can be fabricated for it so that you won’t even know that anything was done.

Insurance most of the time will cover the procedure. We offer interest free financing and many treatment options as well. So give Island Dental Associates a call today for a free consultation at 516-565-6565.

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