Wearing Loose Dentures Can Cause Loads Of Problems

Wearing Loose Dentures Can Cause Loads Of ProblemsFirst-time denture wearers often find the prosthetic devices to be somewhat uncomfortable. The feeling usually subsides after the patient wears the teeth for a short period though, and the person can eat what they want, talk without the device slipping, and smile with self-confidence. However, eventually, the dentures will need to be replaced. After the tooth root is removed from the socket during the extraction process, there is nothing left in its place to stimulate the bone or gum tissue and recession or deterioration will likely occur. Rather than being secure, the dentures will become loose fitting.

There are different products on the market to hold the teeth in place, but they are not always pleasant to use. For instance, adhesive pastes are messy, leave a funny taste in the mouth, and are difficult to clean up. Meanwhile, pads or strips are also available, but many people don’t like the textures that they provide. Still, these methods are better than doing nothing because loose dentures cause a variety of problems.


Rocking Dentures Will Leave The Gums Inflamed And Sore


As if putting a foreign object in the mouth isn’t difficult enough, when the surrounding hard or soft tissue is irritated, the task is nearly impossible. Things like eating and talking will become challenging as the prosthetic device rocks back and forth every time the mouth is opened. Many people attempt to remedy the situation by simply chewing on one side, but unfortunately, the solution usually doesn’t work and only causes them discomfort. Avoid these types of consequences by seeking a dentist with an on-site lab to reline, replace, or repair your dentures when they begin fitting improperly.


Wobbly Dentures Can Break Existing Natural Teeth


Anyone that has ever experienced a broken or chipped tooth knows that the event can be quite painful. If the dentures fall out of place, they may hit against one or more natural teeth causing them damage. Additionally, the tooth surface tends to get razor sharp when such instances occur, and another infliction might arise. For example, the wearer can sustain lacerations on their tongue or gums if the items get too close to the break. Don’t let wobbly, rocking dentures control your life any longer. Instead, schedule a consultation today, and allow our team to help you obtain the pain-free smile of your dreams.


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