The Veneer Process And How It Brightens Your Smile different factors can lead to the decision to invest in veneers, and just some of these can be tooth discoloration, crooked teeth, misshapen teeth, or chips. Veneers are porcelain dental laminate pieces that go on over the tooth and give the appearance of an entirely new tooth structure, and these can be used to improve the smiles and confidence of patients suffering from a myriad of different dental concerns.

At Island Dental Associates, the first step in getting veneers is a consultation with one of our dentists, as only a professional can determine if veneers are the right fit for you. If it is determined that veneers would be a good fit, then the process to have them placed can begin, and this will normally be comprised of a few steps.

The first step in the veneers process is the trimming of teeth in order to fit the porcelain veneer over the already existing tooth structure. The enamel of the tooth is trimmed using a filing tool that takes off the exact amount of tooth structure that will be replaced by the veneer, and not only does this ensure a better fit, but it also creates a more natural look. If this step was not taken, the veneer would look too thick to appear natural, causing the veneers to damage a smile rather than improving it.

If only some teeth are receiving veneers, the next step in the process is matching the shade to make the veneers appear more natural. If veneers are too white, or too colored, this can lead to them sticking out in the mouth in a way that isn’t aesthetically pleasing, so coloring the veneers to match adjacent teeth is always the best step to take.

Next, impressions will be taken to make sure the veneer is the perfect shape and fit, and while the permanent veneers are being made, a temporary will often be given to protect the natural tooth structure. If the veneers are being made in an offsite lab, the temporary will typically be worn for about 2 weeks until tphe permanent pieces are ready for cementation.

Once the new veneers are made, they will be fitted by your dentist to ensure a perfect fit, shade, and shape, and if all is well, bonding can then begin. After the bonding process, you’ll be left with a bright, natural, and confident smile with the new veneers that have been placed!

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