The Future of Dental Technology

The Future of Dental TechnologyTechnology has come a long way since the old days regarding dental procedures and conserving and maintaining our oral health. Dental implant technology, same day dentures, and other surgical or non-surgical procedures are constantly evolving with the changing technology and allow patients to receive improved care with more benefits.

The popularity of Dental Implants


Dental implants are a popular procedure in the dental world today because they offer a more permanent solution to tooth loss. This permanency also can mean fewer costs and visits which can save the patient both time and money in the long run.




Periodontics involves the study of the structures that surround and support the teeth. A dentist that specializes in periodontal treatment can prevent, diagnose, and treat cases of periodontal disease and can also replace dental implants when necessary.

They are also highly educated and knowledgeable when it comes to the treatment and care of oral inflammation. Just like other fields in the dental industry, periodontics is also continually evolving and adapting to its focus on new research and methods.

Research has begun in this field to help further and accurately identify individual risk factors in dentistry and apply it to the central practice of periodontics. New and innovative approaches to dental screening and a closer look at genetics can help us better understand the progression of periodontal disease.


Future of Dentures


Dentures have also come a long way, and we are now able to experience the significant benefits that same day lab services have to offer patients. In the past, the impressions of the patient’s mouth would be taken, but it would then have to be sent to a lab that was offsite so that the custom dentures could be made.

The process could typically take several days to a week before the dentures would come back to the office for the patient. This resulted in patients experiencing other problems due to the missing teeth like speech problems and trouble chewing.

Same day dentures at an on-site lab work together to fabricate new dentures in as little as one day. The appearance of the dentures also does not become negatively impacted because of the short wait time.

The dentures can be made to be the correct color, shape, and size to replicate the natural teeth in your mouth and will provide each patient with a natural fit and feel to their restorations.

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