The Benefits of Sedation During Dental Procedures

Unfortunately, many people fear going to the dentist. At Island Dental Associates we understand the concerns that patients may have and are willing to work with them to minimize their level of anxiety. We have found that sedation dentistry makes the entire process more comfortable for our patients, no matter the reason for their visit.

The stress of visiting keeps many patients from making an appointment, even if they require dental work. This fear can actually lead to worsening problems in the future. With our sedation services, the patient does not have to remain fully conscious during the procedures.

In addition to anxiety, many also fear the pain associated with dental visits. Though we numb any area to be treated, the fear of needles leaves some unable to take the first step. Sedation allows patients to fully relax prior to any numbing agents being applied. The patient barely notices the needle prick due to the sedative.

Because the patient is more relaxed, we are able to focus our efforts on repairing teeth and gums. A calm patient can also stay for longer visits. The end result of these is fewer office visits overall. The more we can treat in each visit, the sooner the patient can switch to maintenance plans.

We understand that patients experience anxiety and fear of pain when it comes to visiting our office. That is the reason that we are pleased to provide sedation dentistry services to all of them. This simple addition to the medical plans allows our patients to get their dental health restored quickly and with a minimum of stress. We treat our patients with care and dignity.

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