Taking Your Dentures Out To Dinner

Taking Your Dentures Out To Dinner Those who are looking for new dentures Long Island know that missing teeth can be a heavy burden to bear. Not only does the mouth look un-aesthetically pleasing, the empty places where a tooth once stood can become inflamed and painful. When you finally make the decision to fix your tooth troubles and get a full set of dentures, you might feel both relieved and anxious all at the same time. The best thing about new dentures is that you’ll speak clearly again, smile without feeling embarrassed, and be able to chew with a full set of teeth instead of sporadic gaps.

What To Eat

Many people worry about what they can and can’t eat when they have missing teeth, but be aware that there are different foods that can affect denture wearers as well.  Most of the foods you love can still be enjoyed but in different ways. Instead of focusing on the foods that you can’t eat, focus on the foods that can be enjoyed, such as:

  • Bagels. Cut them up into smaller pieces and take small bites. Even bagels with seeds and nuts can be enjoyed as long as you drink while you eat to wash them away.
  • Soft meats. Stick to meats such as ground beef and pulled pork that is full of flavor and protein, yet easy on your dentures.
  • Peanut butter. Keep a glass of milk or water close by and you can still enjoy this childhood favorite. Stick with creamy and avoid the crunchy for maximum comfort.
  • Veggies. Raw vegetables can but a bit too much, but you can lightly steam them or roast them to soften them up enough to enjoy with pleasure.
  • Popcorn. Yes, you can! Pick out the fully-popped, fluffy kernels and have a drink handy to wash away anything that gets stuck. Keep away from the half-popped kernels as the hulls can be a problem.
  • Ice cream. Any soft dessert is a pleasure, such as ice cream, frozen yogurt, or pudding. Easy on the mouth and easy on the taste buds.

You can experiment with different foods as you see fit. After all, even a steak can be eaten with dentures when cut into small enough pieces.

Fast Turnaround Time

You can live a full life with dentures. You just have to plan accordingly. If you are ready for new dentures Long Island, consider a location that won’t leave you toothless for days on end. Island Dental Associates has a full onsite lab that cuts out the middleman in an off-site lab. Everything from scanning to milling is done right in the office, which brings you your new dentures in Long Island quicker than anywhere else. You’ll be ready to go out to dinner again in no time.

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