A dentist treating a sedated patientSedation dentistry is a superb choice for individuals with a fear of dental practices and procedures who need work done in their mouth. With this procedure, the patient is given either oral or intravenous sedation medication which allows them to remain unconscious throughout their procedure. The practice of using sedation during dental procedures is becoming increasingly popular across the country.

Sedation dentistry often allows a patient to effectively address multiple concerns during one visit. This helps not only with the fear that patients sometimes experience, but it can also make scheduling easier for busy individuals with hectic schedules. When both fear and scheduling concerns are addressed, finding a remedy for painful dental concerns becomes that much easier to achieve.

In addition to allowing patients to benefit from multiple procedures being performed in one visit, this practice often shortens healing time by reducing stress and the impact it can have on the body.

Sedation dentistry is a great option for anyone who is afraid of sitting in the dental chair. It makes complicated procedures possible while minimizing both pain and the number of visits necessary to achieve a healthy smile.

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