Island-SedationDentristryThe practice of sedation dentistry is actually a fairly advanced technique. However, this is a practice that has grown to be quite common even within a lot of the general dentistry practices to help deal with patient issues. These issues can include everything from restlessness to anxiety and or phobia of dentists in general.

The art of sedation during dentistry can be defined as a process used to help with fear, stress, irritability or anxiety simply by introducing a sedative such as an agent or drug. Not only can sedation dentistry help with the lessening of of discomfort and fear in a patient but it can also work to enhance the process of recovery and relaxation overall. Generally speaking, there are three different ways that a dentist can provide sedation for dental patients.

With oral sedation, the patient will be given a small pill approximately an hour before their appointment. This pill will take effect right around the time that their appointment or the procedure actually begins. When timed correctly, the patient will be drowsy or sedated and ready for the procedure.

Nasal sedation is usually done with the help of laughing gas, which is nitrous oxide gas. The patient inhales the gas through their nose, giving them a feeling of complete relaxation.

Intravenous sedation is the administration of an anesthetic through the blood via a vein in the arm using a needle. This is known to be the fastest method of sedation dentistry as it acts almost immediately.

Whenever a patient is in need of sedation dentistry, their concerns can be discussed with their dental professional. The comfort of the patient is key and the choice for sedation will leave them feeling much better about any sort of procedure that is scheduled. In the end, the patient will be able to receive the dental care that they need without any additional trauma or anxiety.

Island Dental Associates offers sedation for patients who need it. To learn more about how we can make getting your dental procedures done without stress, pain, or anxiety please call us at (516) 565-6565.