Replacing mercury fillings - before and afterSilver fillings with mercury were traditionally used by dentists due to their increased strength and durability. However, with advances in technology tooth colored resin or composite fillings can provide similar strength and have the added advantage of improved esthetics.

If you currently have mercury fillings and you want a more esthetic smile we may recommend repalcement of your silver fillings with white esthetic fillings.

The procedure is simple. A dental drill is used to remove the old silver filling. Then, a tooth colored filling material, also known as a white filling, is placed into the tooth. Next, white filling materials are bonded to the tooth and provide strength and stability. Then the filling is cured using an ultra violet light. The cured material provides strength for chewing and function. Once the material is cured it is adjusted and polished using dental burrs and polishing pastes. The filling blends into the tooth providing an esthetic result.

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