If you are looking for a cost effective way to ensure that your dentures remain stable you should consider having mini dental implants placed into your gums. The procedure is minimally invasive and a lot more affordable than regular implants. These implants are designed to be used in order to stabilize and retain your dentures at the bottom of your mouth.

What Are Benefits of Mini Dental Implants For Denture Wearers?

How Do Mini Dental Implants Stabilize the Lower Denture?

  1. A metal cap will be placed into the bottom part of your lower denture
  2. A ring made out of rubber is placed inside the metal cap which provides a seal to ensure the pieces are kept intact
  3. Titanium mini implants are then rooted into your jawbone and these are the anchors that are place in order to stabilize your denture

How is the Mini Dental Implant Procedure Done?

You will have the implants done in the regular dental chair at Island Dental Associates. Local anesthesia will be used to numb your jawbone area. In most cases you can have the implants done within one consultation. The procedure works by the dentist using a technique that will place the diameter of the the tiny implants into the jawbone.

The heads of the implants are ball shaped and will protrude from your gums and this is what creates the anchor for your denture to fit your mouth in a stable way. The rubber rings are then placed into the metal caps. The rubber then goes over the ball and locks your denture into place without creating pressure on your gums.

For more information about how mini dental implants can help stabilize your dentures we invite you to call Island Dental Associates at (516) 565-6565 for a free  consultation.

Dr. Vikas Mittle - Board Certified PeriodontistHi. My name is Vik Mittle. I am a board certified periodontist at Island Dental Associates in Franklin Square. Some patients ask me, “My dentures are loose. Is there a way that I can help stabilize them?” And the answer is yes.

Here’s the problem…What happens over time is if you wear dentures the bone has a tendency of resorbing or dissolving away. When this happens your dentures become loose. So either (A) we fabricate new dentures which inherently will still not fit perfectly…they’re still going to be loose. Or, (B) what we can do is stabilize your dentures with dental implants.

Most dentures do wobble…especially on the lower because as you talk your tongue and lips have a tendency to put pressure on and move the dentures, especially while you chew. The great thing with dental implants is that they can help stabilize your dentures.