SureSmile Aligners: Is Right for You?

SureSmile ® Aligners are considered one of the most innovative solutions for straightening teeth on the market today. It offers a much more efficient way to take care of issues that traditional metal braces cannot fix due to its high level of precision and accuracy. Unlike older methods, patients can see an improvement in their smile after only six months!


For many people, cosmetic or orthodontic issues don’t just go away over time, they’re lifelong problems that can make it difficult to function normally on a day-to-day basis. SureSmile ® Aligners are designed to be worn almost 24 hours a day; you only remove them while eating and brushing your teeth. Despite their thin design, clear aligners offer all of these benefits


There’s very little discomfort associated with SureSmile ® Aligners as they’re made out of soft material that reduces pressure on your gums and teeth over time. While many people choose clear aligners because they seem more convenient initially, studies show that patients are up to nine times less likely to stop treatment with oral-wear appliances when compared to in-visibility appliances like clear or metal braces.

Ease of Use

First, SureSmile ® Aligners are clear, so it’s easy to show off your smile as you work on your straightening goals. And aligners offer a better chance of success than other forms of removable retainers because they provide continuous pressure over 24 hours per day, 7 days per week (unlike nighttime retainers). Additionally, one study found that most participants experience little discomfort from aligner therapy compared to traditional treatments like Invisalign® and braces. However, if you find you are experiencing discomfort or need more pressure to keep your teeth aligned correctly during an adjustment period (usually one to two weeks), visit your dentist or orthodontist to have them take an impression of your teeth in order to create a new set of aligners that works best for you.

Treatment Time

The treatment time for traditional braces can vary depending on how quickly teeth move or if teeth need to be reshaped or moved. The average treatment time for a traditional Invisalign case runs two years, but cases that are more complicated and require more customization of aligners may take longer than two years to complete—and some may require even longer, depending on your overall health and what kind of results you’re looking to achieve.


When it comes to aligners, most patients notice a change in their teeth’s appearance within about two weeks. It usually takes about six months, though, to complete treatment with both upper and lower aligners; since teeth are reshaped gradually, you won’t need new ones until you’re done with your treatment.

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