Sensitive Issues

Sensitive IssuesWhen most people think about going to the dentist, they will usually have their teeth in mind as the focus of the visit. While there is fairly good public awareness as to the importance of gum health in overall oral hygiene, there is not always as strong of a sense of how integral gum health really is. Periodontal problems can start as small concerns, such as excessive bleeding, sensitivity along the gum line, and even recession, but the truth is that if this is left unaddressed, bigger problems can arise.

One good analogy is that if your teeth are rooted plants, then your gums are the soil that nurtures and feeds them. Healthy gums nourish and stabilize the roots of teeth, but gums can also become susceptible to microbial infestations which lead to the visible symptoms of bleeding and recession. When bacteria infiltrate the delicate capillary system of the gums, these unicellular organisms can also affect the wellness of the underlying bone and the stability of the teeth through the roots.

Taking A Closer Look

Regular dental check-ups can help to catch many of these problems at an early stage when they are easier to correct. However, patients who are experiencing excessive bleeding, seeing extreme redness or recession, or even feeling pain, should think about scheduling a visit that focuses specifically on periodontal issues. This type of consultation will also include X-rays that can take a look at what is going on beneath the surface, and allow for corrective options to be considered.

Island Dental Associates has a number of periodontal services. These range from simple fixes such as anti-microbial treatments to stop progressive disease, to more involved procedures like ridge augmentations and gingivoplasty, which can alleviate the effects of extensive recession. Since attending to gum health is proactively addressing dental health, a periodontal consultation can be an ideal way to ensue overall wellness. Our website gives you a good insights into concerns that are based in gum wellness, and allows you to consider that your sensitive soft tissue could be a sign of things to come.

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