Same Day Dentures Make Your Life Easier

Same Day Dentures Make Your Life EasierFor denture wearers, going a day without your dentures can be inconvenient and sometimes embarrassing. Not only do dentures help a person to chew food easier, but they also help them to speak more clearly and give their mouth a better shape, so when new dentures take multiple days to make, this can mean being forced to go a full day or more without the dentures you need. At Island Dental Associates, our same-day denture lab assures that all of our Franklin Square customers never need to go more than a few hours without their dentures, whether they are having a full new fabrication or a repair!

The presence of a same-day denture lab helps us to do many things, but some may wonder how we are able to fabricate new dentures and repair dentures in this short span of time. This lab holds hundreds of different sized, shaped, and shaded denture molds to allow us to create the most natural looking and best fitting dentures without the need to send samples off to an off-site lab facility. Our lab technicians work hard to use these molds to craft individual sets of dentures to suit every patient’s individual smile and desired shade, and this allows your dentures to look and fit as naturally as possible for optimal convenience and the best look!

Over the course of their lives, dentures may break or find themselves in need of a relining. While this is a natural and expected part of having dentures, it can create a large inconvenience when the dentures need to be sent away for repair. When being sent away, the dentures may be away from their wearer for days at a time, and these days are spent with no dentures to use for chewing or speaking. Our same-day denture lab is able to complete all types of different denture repairs as well as new fabrications, and this means your dentures can be fixed as good as new in record fast time.

We strive to make life easy for all of our patients at Island Dental Associates, and this includes our denture wearers as well! Dentures may be needed for a variety of reasons, but this important need should never be put off for extended periods of time during repairs or fabrications. If you need dentures or a denture repair, take advantage of our same-day denture services at Island Dental Associates today!

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