Questions And Answers About Periodontal Health

Questions And Answers About Periodontal HealthWhen it comes to the overall health of your mouth, many dentists feel that your gums — the “periodontal” area of your mouth surrounding your teeth — may be even more important than teeth themselves.

This might seem like an amazing statement, but think about the importance of your gums:

— Blood flow in your gums helps to support the health of your teeth’s vital root structures.
— Your gums help support a correct distribution of force in your bite throughout your life.
— Your gums act as a powerful barometer of your oral health and of your health in general.

With all of this being true, it’s very important that you give your gums the attention they need. Many people have questions about periodontal health, so learning more can give you the edge in supporting optimal well-being.

Top Questions About Gum Health

1) Is Bleeding Of The Gums Ever Normal?

Bleeding of your gums is never normal, and it can be an early sign of gingivitis. Gingivitis is a bacterial inflammation of the gums, where the damage caused is still reversible and does not include the teeth or bone.

However, it’s important to remember that bleeding of the gums can happen by accident. If you brush too hard, bite your tongue, or burn or cut the roof of your mouth, you might cause brief bleeding that you’ll see when you wash your mouth out.

If bleeding continues for more than a very short time, consult a dentist.

2) What Color Should The Gums Be?

Healthy gums are a pink color somewhat similar to bubble gum. A lighter color may indicate reduced blood flow. Gums can become red and sore for a large number of reasons, including infection or brushing too hard. If you accidentally irritate the gums, they should return to their normal color within days. If not, call a dentist.

If gums are other colors, such as black, blue, or green, see a dentist immediately.

3) Is There Anything Special I Should Do To Support My Gums?

In addition to flossing and being gentle when brushing along the gum line, you might consider carefully massaging your gums with your toothbrush. This has been shown to promote better blood circulation in the gums, which is one of the most important parts of gum health.

If you have any questions or concerns about your gums, the best thing to do is discuss them with a dentist. Call or email Island Dental Associates today to experience the finest dental care in the Long Island region.

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