Practicing Good Oral Hygiene

Practicing Good Oral HygieneWhen a dental visit involves more than a check-up and cleaning, and there are procedures involved, this can spell something of a stressful situation to patients! The best way to avoid needing any extensive dental procedures, and to save your natural teeth, is by practicing good oral hygiene each and every day. While many will brush their teeth at least twice a day, there are certain other steps that should be taken to ensure that good oral hygiene is always being practiced! Some of these steps include:

• Brushing – A person should brush their teeth at least twice a day, although it is recommended to brush after each meal. When brushing, it is also important not to brush too hard or scratch the enamel on the teeth as this can lead to tooth damage later on down the road. Each time you set up to brush, use a soft bristled toothbrush and spend about 30 seconds focusing on each quadrant of the mouth, resulting in 2 minutes of healthy brushing time!

• Flossing – Flossing is very important, and this is a step that many skip! Quality time spent flossing the teeth is one sure way to make sure that healthy oral hygiene processes are being kept up with, and flossing properly helps to get any tough to reach food particles out from between teeth which may lead to decay. During the brushing process, no toothbrush is able to reach each and every section of tooth, as the spaces between teeth are often neglected from the brush. When you floss, however, you can dislodge any stuck on particles or food debris from between teeth and protect these areas from developing cavities. If you have crowns or fillings, also make sure to floss gently within these areas to avoid damaging any dental work!

• Mouth wash – Although this is optional, there are many mouthwashes available that can greatly improve the health and look of your teeth. Mouthwashes with fluoride, and those with antibacterial properties, can help to strengthen teeth and eliminate bacteria which may cause bad breath or tooth damage.

At Island Dental Associates, we fully support good oral hygiene, and we want to help all of those living in the Franklin Square Long Island area to adapt great oral hygiene practices! To learn more about taking good care of your teeth through proper oral hygiene, visit us at Island Dental today!

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