Nine Ways To Tell If Your Bite Is Misaligned

Nine Ways To Tell If Your Bite Is MisalignedWhen your bite is misaligned, often the most noticeable sign is the appearance. Overbites, underbites, and crooked teeth are often very visually apparent. However, there are some more subtle telltale signs your teeth are misaligned and a sign you need to speak to a cosmetic dentist in Long Island. Here are seven ways to tell if your bite is misaligned:


1. You Have Difficulty Chewing And Biting: Difficulty naturally chewing and biting is probably the most obvious sign your teeth are misaligned. This can lead to digestive problems, so it is important to talk to your cosmetic dentist in Long Island any time you experience chewing problems.

2. You Have Problems Speaking: Misaligned teeth interfere with the natural movement of the tongue, leading to speech issues like a lisp or a hard time enunciating syllables.

3. You Experience Breathing Problems: If you have difficulty breathing when your nose is not congested or breath excessively with your mouth, this can also be a sign of misaligned teeth.

4. You Have Difficulty Sleeping: Misaligned teeth can interfere with your sleep. A good way to tell if your teeth may be what is interfering with your sleep is to note if you feel pressure when you lie on your side or your stomach, it may be a result of misaligned teeth

5. You Grind Your Teeth At Night: When your teeth are misaligned they do not rest comfortably in your mouth. As a result, people with misaligned teeth often grind their teeth at night.

6. You Clench Your Jaw: Another sign is you clench your jaw frequently. This, like teeth grinding, is a sign your teeth aren’t resting naturally in your mouth.

7. You Have Jaw Pain Or TMJ: As a result of teeth grinding and clenching, you may experience jaw pain or develop TMJ. If you have either of these symptoms, definitely speak with your cosmetic dentist in Long Island.

8. You Get Headaches Frequently: Another side effect of constantly clenching your jaw or grinding your teeth is frequent headaches.

9. You Have Sensitive Teeth: Misaligned teeth wear down more easily, so you’ll experience tooth sensitivity more frequently.


These nine symptoms may all be the result of misaligned teeth. Even if your bite is not visibly misaligned if you have any of these symptoms you need to speak an expert cosmetic dentist in Long Island. At Island Dental Associates, we can determine if your teeth are misaligned and will offer a variety of solution to stop these problems. Call us today to learn more.

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