My, What Pearly Teeth You Have

My, What Pearly Teeth You HaveThe obsession with a perfect smile is not an altogether unenviable status. This is primarily because a good looking smile is also a healthy smile. Proper care such as brushing and flossing as well as regular dental visits an even corrective procedures can do more than just enhance appearance. All of this leads to better dental health which ultimately leads to better quality of life throughout any age.

One common practice to get a straight and white set of teeth is to employ the addition of porcelain veneers. This process has been modernized to replace what was traditionally referred to as capping, and is a far less invasive and healthier manner of addressing imperfections and even potential hazards.


Porcelain veneers are ultra thin and lightweight sheets of ceramic that are adhered to the tooth enamel. Older processes would have to grind teeth down and encase them entirely, while veneers are different in that they only fit on to the front surfaces. This affords a more natural and less bulky appearance and also allows wearer to be able to talk and eat as they did with their natural teeth.

Veneers can serve several purposes, both cosmetic and practical. One of the foremost things that they do is afford a smile that pristine whiteness that is coveted. Although the porcelain does not stain as easily as tooth enamel, people with veneers do still need to be mindful of substances that can cause discoloration and will still need to practice good oral health.

Another aspect that is desirable about veneers is that they can change the shape and appearance of teeth. These sheets are cut and formed to fit your natural dentition, but they can also mask any gaps, and will fill out teeth that may look too small in your mouth.

One further benefit is that since porcelain veneers cover the tooth enamel, they can also be corrective for conditions where the enamel has become thin. This issue is often a reason for sensitivities to hot, cold, and even sugary food, and veneers will effectively ameliorate the issue.

Treat Your Mouth

Island Dental Associates has many services for both corrective and cosmetic treatments. This includes the addition of porcelain veneers to give you the smile that you have always wanted. Our dentists on staff can give you an overview of what will work best for your lifestyle and features, and then get you started on a stunning new smile.

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