Lasers Are Important Dental Tools

Lasers Are Important Dental ToolsIn the 20th century, the laser was an exotic technology, the stuff of science fiction, more often portrayed as a futuristic weapon. Today, of course, lasers are used in everything from scanning your groceries at self-serve counters to cat toys that drive kitties crazy. But lasers can also be an important tool for your periodontist in Long Island to maintain your dental health.

The Laser Advantage

When properly applied, a laser in the hands of an experienced periodontist in Long Island can be an efficient, precise, and much safer tool than traditional surgical instruments. Something like a Picasso Soft Tissue laser has multiple functions that almost make it seem like a futuristic tool out of Star Trek.

Depending on the need, your periodontist in Long Island can change the functionality of the laser to make it suit the requirements of a particular stage of surgery. If something needs to be dissolved or vaporized, the intense heat of the laser light can be focused on a specific area for ablation, in order to simply disintegrate a portion of your gum that needs to be removed.

On the other hand, if something needs to be cut, a laser can be reconfigured to do this as well. Because in these cases it is pure light being applied to your gums, there is no danger of infection, as nothing is making physical contact with your tissue. Excessive bleeding is also not a major concern, as the precision of a laser ensures a clean cut, while the laser itself can cauterize any incision to prevent blood loss.

Not For Everything

While the laser is a very handy tool in the arsenal of your periodontist in Long Island, it’s only good when the specific functions it performs are required for a particular procedure. So don’t just expect a surgical laser to be the answer for everything that ails your mouth, but don’t be surprised if it can help in a particular situation!

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