Keep Your Smile Healthy Throughout the Holidays

When you indulge in sweet treats during the holiday season, it is particularly crucial that you practice regular oral care routines. This will prevent a variety of dental problems.

The sugar content in many holiday treats will make you more susceptible to tooth decay. However, if you take care of your teeth and gums now rather than after the holiday season, you can prevent any oral health issues in the coming year.

While caring for your teeth during the holiday season may seem like a cumbersome task when you’re just out to have some fun with family and friends, it is essential to practice some self-discipline. An overabundance of sweet foods and beverages during the holiday season can trigger plenty of dental problems.

To avoid tooth decay and gum disease, here are 3 tips for keeping up with your oral hygiene routines so that you can enjoy a happy, healthy holiday season.

1. Make an appointment with your dentist.

Practicing proper oral hygiene is the most effective way to protect your health. By visiting your dentist, you will not only protect your teeth, but also prevent foul breath, gum disease, and tooth loss.

Everyone should receive regular professional dental cleanings to remove the plaque that builds up on teeth over time. Plaque causes periodontal disease, which is an infection of the soft and hard tissues that support your teeth. This disease causes inflammation and can lead to tooth loss, pain in the mouth, and difficulty eating crunchy food.

Since dental cleanings remove plaque and tartar from causing cavities, they are an integral part of living a healthy life and one of the leading defenses against swollen, bleeding, and painful gum disease.

2. After eating, lower your risk of tooth decay.

Whenever you eat something sweet or sticky, the sugar from these foods will cling to your teeth and put you at risk for tooth decay and cavities. You can prevent all this from happening by brushing your teeth after eating candy or chocolates. If you can’t brush your teeth because you’re at a party, rinse your mouth with plenty of water.

Brushing, of course, is always the most effective option, but there is one more way to remove tooth-decaying sugars and acids from your teeth—eat your confectionery with a balanced meal to lower your risk of tooth decay. Here is why this simple strategy can prevent tooth decay: Eating a regular meal will activate your salivary glands. Since your saliva, will quickly neutralize acids, this will prevent harmful bacteria from harming your teeth.

3. Reduce your risk of chipping, cracking, or breaking your teeth.

Keeping your teeth healthy starts with eating the right candy. You should eat lighter candies that are softer, such as marshmallows or jelly beans. Avoid hard, crunchy candies like lollipops, popcorn balls, sticky caramels, and sugar-coated nuts.

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