If Your Dentures Stop Fitting, It’s Not Just You


It can be hard to get used to false teeth, especially when it’s your first set. Whether the dentures are partial or replace your entire upper or lower arches, you’ll notice right away that they feel different from your regular teeth and that the dental appliance is sitting on top of your gums. Living with that takes some getting used to.

Something else you’ll discover is that just a few weeks you get your new dentures, they won’t fit over your gums as snuggly as they used to. This is a completely normal process that happens because the bone underneath your gums is starting to shrink. Your bones are alive, and different cells in it are constantly building and dissolving their structures. When your teeth come out, the jawbone underneath dissolves so your body can reclaim the calcium and use it in another part of your body.

This process takes a few months to complete, and during that time the dentures that fit well one week may become loose the next. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to guess how your jaw shape will change and make new denture fittings in advance, so it’s important to visit your dentist regularly to refit your dentures. You should also expect to do this several times before your jaw eventually settles down and starts behaving itself.

Because of how much time you’ll spend going back for refittings, and because of how important your teeth are for living and eating (whether they’re fake or real), it’s important for New York residents to choose a dentist with a dental lab in Long Island. An office with a dental lab on Long Island can create and refit dentures in no time, making it quick and easy for you to fix up your false teeth and get back to all the things you’d rather be doing and all the food you’d like to be eating.

So while it may take time to adjust to your new dentures, both physically and mentally, keeping them fit to your gums doesn’t have to be a hassle. Just make sure that your preferred dentist for handling dentures has a dental lab on Long Island and you won’t have to worry about refitting taking any longer than it needs to.

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