How To Clean Dental Implants for Optimum Health

Daniella Sansotta, Registered Dental Hygienist
Daniella Sansotta, Registered Dental Hygienist

The dental implant, unlike a natural tooth, is integrated directly to bone with no intervening periodontal ligament. Which raises the question, how do you clean around it.

Coming in for your dental cleanings is a start and the most important measure of prevention.  Maintaining proper oral hygiene is CRUCIAL! Not only oral health but for systemic health as well.

Prevention and early detection are the key to avoiding tooth decay and gum disease. Once bleeding is involved then you’re already the experiencing the effects of gingivitis, which is inflamed gums.

When you have gingivitis it means you are lacking proper oral care. When the gums stop bleeding you fall into a periodontal disease category which includes bone loss, pocketing and possibly the eventual loss of your teeth.

We hope you never get to this stage but if you do, here’s a few things you need to know…

KEEP WHAT YOU HAVE! Dentistry is all about prevention.

Come in for periodontal maintenance. Studies have shown that a toothbrush isn’t able to get into a 3mm pocket so if you’re falling into 5-6mm coming in for painless deep cleaning is a necessity!

Another term for this is scaling and root planing. Basically when we go in and take out all the bacterial pathogens.

No one wants bacteria floating around in their mouth and circulating through their body. Studies have shown that bacteria from the mouth can enter the bloodstream through the gums. This same bacteria has been found in areas of the heart that helped cause the build up of plaque leading to heart problems.

Medical experts believe that the bacteria stick to the fatty plaque in the bloodstream, directly contributing to blockages in your heart.
That’s why cardiologists strongly encourage routine dental cleanings for prevention!

Now that you understand more about taking care of your teeth, as well as your dental implants your next step is to give me a call at (516) 565-6565 to schedule a dental cleaning.

I look forward to seeing you soon.

Daniella Sansotta, RDH

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