How Often Do Dentures Need Resizing?

How Often Do Dentures Need Resizing?When you get a set of new dentures in Long Island, it usually doesn’t take long for them to stop fitting correctly.  In fact, you might need to see your denture specialist several times over the course of a few months just to resize the dentures and get them to fit snugly over your upper and lower jaw.  Fortunately, after those first few months, you should be in good shape for a year or more and only need new dentures in Long Island if something happens to damage your current set.

The reason for this has to do with how the bones in your jaw work.  Just like how your muscles will weaken and turn to fat if you don’t use them, the two arches that hold your teeth are as thick as they are because they need to be big enough to surround and secure your teeth.  Cells in your bones are constantly building and dissolving the structures that make them what they are, and so your teeth need to be there to vibrate your jaw and remind your bone cells to keep the arches the right size.

When your teeth are gone, so is this stimulation, and so the arches will slowly start to dissolve away so your body can use the calcium in other places. If you ever had your wisdom teeth removed, then you’ve already had this happen to the back part of your arches.  So when some of your teeth come out for a partial denture or all of them for a full set of new dentures in Long Island, your jaw arches will quickly start to shrink and the dentures that fit on top of them will need readjustment.

So if you have trouble keeping your dentures on soon after you get them, don’t worry because what’s happening is completely normal and happens to everyone.  You also shouldn’t worry that the shrinkage will keep happening, because after a few months your jaw will settle down and stay the same size for a long time.  You’ll still need a few readjustments over the years, but you won’t need them nearly as often as you will during the first few months.

It’s also worth pointing out that this shrinkage is why many people choose to go with dental implants instead of dentures.  The implant pins stimulate your jaw bone the same way your teeth did, and so they can stop this shrinkage and don’t need readjustment.  However, full-size implants need a full-size arch, so it’s important to decide on getting implants or not right away.

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