How Long Do Dental Implants Last? Get the Facts from Your Cosmetic Dentist

You’ve probably heard stories of people who have had their dental implants last them decades, and they still look as natural as the day they were installed. But you might be wondering just how long dental implants can last—and if your own treatment will deliver that same level of longevity. Here’s what you need to know about how long dental implants can last and what your cosmetic dentist can do to ensure it last as long as possible.

The Need for Dental Implants

Teeth lost through injury, decay or periodontal disease don’t usually cause significant problems until they’re missing for an extended period of time. Dental implants are often a great solution for people with a severe dental problem that requires one or more teeth to be extracted. Before choosing to have a tooth removed and replaced with an implant, it’s important to consider how long dental implants last. A tooth implant is made of titanium and is designed to support replacement teeth for many years, but like all other materials used in dentistry, it does have limits on its longevity. If you need help determining how long dental implants last and what your options are for replacing them as needed, contact your dentist on Long Island today.

Types of Dental Implants

There are several types of dental implants and each is suited for a specific type of patient. The material an implant is made out of, and its longevity will vary. To find out which is best for you, schedule a consultation with your Long Island dentist. Here’s a breakdown

Finding the Right Dentist

When you go looking for a dentist on Long Island, you’ll quickly learn that there are plenty of choices to be made. It can seem overwhelming at first—but it’s actually pretty simple. Keep in mind that it’s best to trust your instincts when choosing a dentist. Look around and compare offices by price, location, and aesthetics (if possible). Read through patient reviews online and talk to friends who have gone through similar procedures; those personal recommendations mean more than anything an internet review can tell you. Most importantly, don’t rush into a decision: get all of your questions answered before moving forward with your procedure!  

Treatment Process – Duration, Recovery Time, and Cost

The treatment process for a dental implant is divided into 3 phases. In Phase 1, also known as the surgery, we make an incision on your gum tissue and install a post made of titanium that will serve as your new tooth’s root. During Phase 2, or the interim, you’ll need to visit our office several times over a few months to have us monitor your progress. At one point in time during Phase 2, your dentist will cut down both sides of the top part of your gums to expose more of your jawbone so that we can place an implant directly into it.

Tips to Make Sure Dental Implants Last Long

A dental implant is a metal screw placed in your jawbone to support a crown, bridge, or denture. It’s considered one of today’s best solutions for replacing missing teeth. There are many factors that can affect how long dental implants last, including diet, genetics, and certain medications. Here are some ways you can make sure your implant stays put over time: Brush twice daily with ADA-approved fluoride toothpaste and use floss daily to prevent food particles from getting trapped between teeth and gums. You should also visit your dentist at least once every six months for professional cleanings (every three months if you have gum disease). Be conscious of any diseases that could be impacted by an implant failure.

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