How Can You Get Dentures That Fit Properly?

Do you have dentures that are loose, broken, and/or ill-fitting? Island Dental Associates has an on-site denture repair lab that can fix your dentures while you wait so that you leave with your teeth!

Typical Complaints From Denture Wearers

  • Difficulty eating
  • Difficulty speaking
  • Social embarrassment
  • Dentures get loose often
  • Dentures break too frequently
  • And more…

At Island Dental Associates we have an in house denture lab where we can repair your dentures in one day in most cases. We can also show you how we can stabilize your dentures so that you can eat whatever you want, never have them become loose or fall out, enjoy eating anything you want and be able to taste your food again!

Call us for a free consultation at (516) 565-6565.

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