Healthy Teeth For Healthy Kids

Smiling Little Girl Brushing TeethAs a parent you try and do everything you can to keep your children safe, happy, and healthy. From the time they are born there are pediatric visits, emergency room trips, and childproofing of your home to help make sure that all dangers are accounted for. But what many parents often forget is that the general health and well-being of their kids often starts by building good habits right now. So in addition to making sure they have healthy snacks in their lunch for school, now is the time to consider instilling good dental hygiene practices in your children if you haven’t already.

Good oral hygiene should begin after your child’s first tooth sprouts in order to ensure that they can establish habits that will last of their lives. It may be easy to think that they will lose their baby teeth soon anyway, but it is important to understand that even these first sets of teeth are prone to decay and other oral diseases. As more teeth start to develop in your toddle make sure you brush around their teeth to prevent harmful bacteria and get them used to the idea of dental hygiene. As they grow older you can allow them more autonomy while brushing and make it part of their morning and bedtime routines.

In addition to standard dental care and cleaning procedures, it will also be crucial to get your child used to the idea of regular dentists visits as soon as possible. Before your child’s first dentist visit you should sit down and explain to them as best as you can what they will encounter once in the office to help alleviate and anxiety or fears associated with any new environment. Smaller children can be especially fidgety one in the dentist’s chair so plan ahead and work on techniques to help keep them still. Encourage your children to ask questions about the office or any tools that they see, the dentist or hygienist will always be more than happy to tell them all about it.

Healthy teeth are a reflection of our overall health and can lead to greater confidence, comfort, and dental cleaning habits especially if they are reinforced early on. Take charge of your child’s dental health and establish good oral hygiene routines now by contacting Island Dental Group today. Happier and healthier smiles in the future are all a product of the choices we make for ourselves and family right now.

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